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Fall is a season filled with breathtaking beauty and transformations in nature. As the leaves change color and gently fall to the ground, it is a reminder of the circle of life and the opportunity for growth and new beginnings. And what better way to embrace this sense of Discovery than by planting bulbs and perennials? Eden Brothers Fall selection offers a wide variety of options, each one promising to bring vibrant colors and captivating fragrances to your garden.

One of the key reasons why fall is an ideal time for planting is because it allows plants ample time to establish their roots before winter arrives. This strong root system gives them a head start when spring finally arrives, resulting in stronger growth and more abundant blooms. Planting bulbs and perennials in fall also sets your garden up for success as soon as winter wanes away, providing you with an explosion of beauty right from the start.

Imagine stepping outside on a crisp spring morning, greeted by stunning bursts of color sprinkled throughout your garden. The sights of tulips standing tall like soldiers, daffodils swaying gently in the breeze, or delicate irises reaching towards the light create an atmosphere that is both enchanting and invigorating. By selecting from Eden Brothers Fall Bulbs & Perennials Selection, you can join nature’s symphony of colors come springtime while enjoying months of anticipation leading up to it.

It’s time to seize this opportunity for growth – get planting with Eden Brothers Fall selection today!

Eden Brothers Fall Collection

As the leaves change color and the air turns crisp, it’s time to refresh your garden with Eden Brothers’ stunning fall collection. This season, they have curated a selection of bulbs and perennials that are sure to bring new life and beauty to your outdoor space. From vibrant tulips to delicate daffodils, their wide range of flower bulbs will add a burst of color that will brighten up any autumn day.

One must-have from their fall collection are Crocus bulbs, which blooms in early spring with striking purple flowers that create a captivating focal point in any landscape.

With their extensive range of fall bulbs and perennials, Eden Brothers has something for every gardener’s taste and style. Whether you prefer classic favorites like hyacinths or more unique varieties like fritillaria, their selection is sure to inspire creativity as you

Importance of planting bulbs and perennials in fall

As the vibrant colors of summer start to fade, it’s tempting to retreat indoors and leave our gardens to hibernate for the winter. However, fall is actually the perfect time to roll up our sleeves and get out in the garden, especially when it comes to planting bulbs and perennials. By taking advantage of this season’s cool temperatures and moist soil conditions, we can ensure a stunning display of blooms come spring.

Planting bulbs in fall allows them to establish strong root systems before the ground freezes over. This gives them a head start in spring, resulting in earlier flowering and healthier plants overall. The cooler weather also discourages pests and diseases that tend to thrive during warmer months, allowing bulbs and perennials to grow without constant attention or worry.

Perennials are another essential component of a well-rounded garden, providing year-round interest through their foliage even when flowers have faded. Fall planting gives these sturdy plants plenty of time to establish their root systems before winter sets in. Unlike annuals that need replanting each year, perennials are hardy enough to survive harsh seasonal changes with minimal care.

Extensive selection of bulbs and perennials available

As the autumn leaves begin to fall, it’s time to start thinking about adding some classic splendor to your garden. Eden Brothers offers an extensive selection of fall-planted bulbs and perennials that will bring vibrant color and beauty to your outdoor space. From the timeless elegance of tulips and daffodils to the intoxicating fragrance of hyacinth, there is no shortage of options to choose from.

What sets Eden Brothers apart is their unique combinations. with their options it feels like you can create a truly unique garden that reflects your personal style. Whether you prefer the bold hues or the delicate pastels, there’s something for everyone and every season. Its has never been easier to choose a specific colors for your garden. Through their vast collection you’ll find exactly what you never knew you wanted.

Some Favorite Picks

When planning your fall garden, we sometimes get lost in the endless possibilities. When you plant fall bulbs for the coming spring you should look for perennials that add both aesthetic appeal and practicality. Iris, Daffodils and Tulips are some of the most popular picks.

With that being said who knew they came in so many colors. Check out some of the varieties Edan Brothers offers:

Crocus Bulbs – Specie Mix – 100 Bulbs, Mix…

The Specie crocus Mix comprises all our best-selling specie crocuses – also known as bo… [More]

Price: $42.99

Re-Blooming Bearded Iris – Bernice’s Legac…

With stunning tones of garnet and ruby, this tall re-blooming bearded iris is a standou… [More]

Price: $75.99

Re-Blooming Bearded Iris – Concertina – 10…

A stunning addition to any garden space, the Concertina iris boasts ruffled, dusty rose… [More]

Price: $75.99

Tulip Bulbs – La Belle Epoque – 10 Bulbs, …

Long lasting and totally one of a kind, this gorgeous Double Late Tulip is one you won’… [More]

Price: $24.99

Tulip Bulbs – Merlot Melody Mix – 10 Bulbs…

You Don’t often think dark, seductive, goth or mystery when you think tulip. But let th… [More]

Price: $15.99

Tulip & Daffodil Bulbs – Peach Lemonade Co…

Peach Lemonade Collection—what a delightful name for such a refreshing mix of white a… [More]

Price: $29.99

Tulip & Daffodil Spring Cottage Collection…

An exquisite mixture of colorful tulips and daffodils make up the Spring Cottage Collec… [More]

Price: $45.99

Daffodil Bulbs (Double) – Tahiti – 20 Bulb…

Bringing to mind the beautiful island in French Polynesia, these daffodils are breathta… [More]

Price: $29.99

Tips for successful planting and care

When it comes to successful planting and care, one of the key factors is selecting the right location for your bulbs and perennials. Choose a spot that receives adequate sunlight, as most plants require at least six hours of direct sunlight each day to thrive. Additionally, consider the soil conditions in your chosen area. Test the pH level of your soil and make adjustments as needed to ensure optimal growing conditions. Remember, different plants have different preferences when it comes to soil acidity.

Another important tip for successful planting and care is proper watering techniques. While it may be tempting to water your plants every day, this can actually be detrimental to their health. Instead, aim for deep watering that thoroughly saturates the root zone without leaving puddles on the surface. This encourages deeper root growth and helps plants withstand periods of drought better. It’s also crucial to monitor rainfall levels in your area and adjust your watering schedule accordingly.

In addition to location selection and watering practices, providing sufficient nutrients is vital for healthy plant growth. Consider using organic fertilizers or compost that enriches the soil with essential minerals and micronutrients necessary for plant development. Be sure to follow dosage instructions carefully and avoid over-fertilizing, as this can lead to nutrient imbalances or even burn the roots of your plants.

By following these tips for successful planting and care, you’ll be well on your way to creating a stunning garden filled with thriving bulbs and perennials that will bring joy year after year.

Customer Experience

As a customer of Eden Brothers products, I can confidently say that their selection of fall bulbs and perennials is top-notch. From the moment I entered their website I was impressed with the variety of bulbs and perennials they offer, and it was refreshing to find unique options that were not available at my local garden center.

When my package arrived, I was blown away by the careful packaging and attention to detail. My order was carefully packaged ensuring its safe arrival. The quality of the bulbs and roots themselves exceeded my expectations – large health bulbs, and well-developed tubers with several nodes. It was evident that Eden Brothers takes great pride in providing their customers with only the best products.

In hasten to receive my package I reached out to their customer service team who promptly addressed the issue and sent me an expected date of arrival. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised to find my package actually arrived earlier than expected. This level of responsiveness is rare these days, but it made me feel valued as a customer.

That said, my experience as a customer of Eden Brothers products has been exceptional. Their fall bulbs and perennials selection exceeded all expectations in terms of quality, variety, and overall shopping experience. I highly recommend giving Eden Brothers a try for all your gardening needs – you won’t be disappointed.

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