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I’m Susan, the mastermind behind – your go-to resource for all things gardening.

Whether you’re seeking expert advice on plant care or exploring potential partnerships, I’m here to help. Don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at with any inquiries you may have. Looking forward to connecting with you! Add while you’re at it, drop by our Facebook page the Gardeners Guide Page and show us some love by giving us a like!

Looking forward to connecting with you!

Exciting Announcement

As part of an upcoming announcement, I am excited to share that my website will soon feature an assortment of downloadable resources. These valuable materials will include printables, fact sheets highlighting plant specimens, print and cut files, garden journals, garden planners, and much more.

Furthermore, we have planned engaging Facebook games and contests with opportunities to win freebies. Connect with us on Facebook to stay updated on the progress of these exciting additions.

Facebook page the Gardeners Guide Page

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