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Meet Susan, a multifaceted creative spirit with an unwavering passion for both web development and gardening. Hailing from South Jersey, she has transformed her green space into a thriving oasis of veggies and flowers, proving her green thumb knows no bounds. As a seasoned web developer, Susan's expertise extends far beyond the digital realm. With captivating Etsy shops under her belt, she mesmerizes with her artistic prowess in animation, photography, and graphic design. Her work has graced prestigious international conferences and educational events, rubbing shoulders with distinguished figures from various fields. However, Susan's true passion lies in cultivating green spaces and nurturing nature's wonders. Embracing her role as a gardener, she empowers fellow enthusiasts through her blog, Here, she shares a wealth of gardening knowledge, expert tips, and practical advice to create bountiful landscapes and sustainable sanctuaries. A dedicated advocate for STEM careers, Susan invests her time in tutoring and inspiring the next generation of multimedia programmers and animators. Her journey through education has been a testament to her thirst for knowledge, with degrees in multimedia design and development and an ongoing pursuit of web application development and animation. Beyond her remarkable achievements, Susan's creativity knows no limits, making her a true embodiment of the phrase "there is nothing she cannot attain if she has the passion for it." Through her boundless creativity, she breathes life into her work and endeavors to make the world a greener, more beautiful place, one seedling at a time.
BlackeyedSusan Facts

Black-eyed Susans Care: Planting, Growing, and Harvesting

Black-eyed Susans, also known as Rudbeckia hirta, are vibrant and cheerful annual flowers that add a burst of color to any garden or landscape. ...

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Marjoram facts

Marjoram Care: Planting, Growing, and Harvesting Marjoram

Marjoram, also known as Origanum majorana, is a versatile herb that has been used for centuries in culinary and medicinal applications. With its ...

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Catnip Facts

Catnip Care: Planting, Growing, and Harvesting Catnip

Catnip, also known as Nepeta cataria, is a perennial herb that belongs to the mint family. It is native to Europe and parts of Asia but is now ...

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Daylilies Facts

Daylilies Care: Planting, Growing, and Harvesting

Daylily, also known as Hemerocallis, is a versatile herbaceous perennial plant that belongs to the family Asphodelaceae. Renowned for its stunning ...

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Chrysanthemums Facts

Chrysanthemums Care: Planting, Growing, and Harvesting mums

Chrysanthemums, commonly known as mums, are a vibrant and captivating herb that holds immense significance in various cultures. With their extensive ...

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Tomato Facts

Tomato Care: Planting, Growing, and Harvesting

Tomatoes are not commonly considered as herbs, but they do fall under the category of culinary herbs. The term herb refers to any plant used for ...

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Coneflower Facts

Coneflowers Care: Planting, Growing, and Harvesting

Coneflowers, also known as Echinacea, are a popular herb that has been used for centuries due to their numerous health benefits. Native to North ...

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Ginger Facts

Ginger Care: Planting, Growing, and Harvesting Ginger

Ginger, a versatile herb with a rich history and extensive medicinal properties. It has been revered for centuries as both a culinary delight and a ...

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Dahlia Facts and Care Guide

Dahlias Care: Planting, Growing, Harvesting and Breeding Dahlias

Dahlias are not only a visually stunning addition to any garden, but they also offer a wide range of medicinal properties and culinary uses. This ...

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