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7 Reasons to plant in a raised garden bed

We love raised garden beds. It’s a great way to keep everything in check and get great results. From soil control, fertilizer control, pest control, and what gardener doesn’t appreciate saving his/her back! Raised garden beds also help keep the soil at a good temperature. Helps with soil control Helps with controlled fertilizer applications (no […]

Winter Sowing in Milk Gallons Winter Garden Project

Winter is a time of serene beauty, but it doesn’t have to be devoid of the joys of gardening. In fact, the winter months can be the perfect time to get a head start on your spring planting with an innovative solution: sowing in milk gallons. This clever and sustainable approach allows you to create […]

Spider Mites: The Bane Of My Existence

Spider mites are a common pest that can wreak havoc in gardens and indoor plants. These tiny arachnids may be small, but their destructive ability is formidable. Successfully combating spider mites requires understanding their biology, behavior, and the potential damage they can cause. One fascinating aspect of spider mites is their rapid reproduction rate. These […]

How to make a Pine Cone Bird Feeder

As the winter season settles in, many of us find ourselves spending more time indoors. But just because the temperatures drop doesn’t mean that we have to sacrifice our connection with nature. Winter gardens may seem barren and lifeless, but they are actually a hub of activity for our feathered friends. By bringing the outdoors […]

Best Fall Selection Eden Brothers

Fall is a season filled with breathtaking beauty and transformations in nature. As the leaves change color and gently fall to the ground, it is a reminder of the circle of life and the opportunity for growth and new beginnings. And what better way to embrace this sense of Discovery than by planting bulbs and […]

Picket Fence Buyers Guide: Choosing A Picket Fence For Your Garden

Fall is known for its beautiful scenery and cool weather, making it the perfect time to tackle garden projects. One idea you might be considering is adding a picket fence to your garden. Why not tackle that project now during fall when the weather is just right? A picket fence can add a charming and […]

Fall Gift – Premium Double Walled Cloth Pots

California Soil is currently offering an exquisite autumn treat for all plant enthusiasts – the captivating Fall Gift Premium Double Walled Cloth Pots. Receive a Premium Double Walled Cloth Pots with all orders over $89.90. Free gift will be a 3-Gallon and 5-Gallon Cloth Pot. Starts: 10/17/23 3:38 AM. Ends: 11/30/23 2:36 AM (Pacific Time […]

Stop Winterizing Roses: Embracing Roses Natural Resilience

Now I’m no expert on roses. They sort of take care of themselves in my garden aside form the occasional pruning and deadheading. And many of you may not agree but I honestly don’t understand why people make a big fuss over winterizing their roses. It’s not like they’re delicate little flowers that can’t handle […]

Cabbage Care: Planting, Growing, and Harvesting Cabbages

Cabbage, scientifically known as Brassica oleracea capitata, is a hardy biennial plant that belongs to the cruciferous family. It has been cultivated for centuries and is one of the oldest known cultivated vegetables. Cabbages are widely grown and consumed across the world due to their versatility and nutritional value. The plant has a compact round […]